Technical Equipment Department is set up after years of experience in organizing conferences and equipment and in marketing advanced technical equipment. The department aims to proactively meet the country’s needs for emergency rescue by integrating domestic resources and introducing advanced equipment from other countries, and at the same time strives to promote integrated solutions.

The department has been working closely with governmental agencies, associations, and research institutes, and have organized numerous expert reviews on specific technical equipment. Also, we have conducted in-depth studies on latest safety and emergency technologies, and had discussions of its potential applications.

We have provided technical support for the Ministry of Emergency Management in establishing the National Work Safety and Emergency Rescue Base, the Emergency Equipment Hub (website), and new chemical safety technologies and equipment. Our efforts are highly appreciated by these agencies.

Technical Equipment

Integrated Solutions

Detection Equipment

With the growth of China’s emergency rescue forces, the needs for better technology and equipment also increase, especially for detection equipment. For emergency rescue in the chemical and coal mine emergencies, high-quality detection equipment can make rescue operations more efficient and can greatly help in terms of accident prevention and analysis.

Our integrated solution includes advanced equipment from development countries, like the US, the UK, and Germany. The following tasks can be carried out easily with the equipment:

Toxic and harmful gas detection at long, medium and short distances

Rapid identification of hazardous chemicals

Rapid identification of water quality, radiation, heavy metals, and other hazardous materials

Rapid identification of vital signs

Identification and survey of geological hazards

Infrared identification at fire scenes